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an unusual string ensemble from Amsterdam.

Story by Fuse February 19th, 2014

Hello & Welcome

Thank you for visiting our website.

We’ve created this page to introduce ourselves to you. We are Fuse, a string and percussion ensemble from Amsterdam. The pictures on this page are taken during some of the 400+ shows we performed over the past four years. Please scroll around and read about our endeavours. If you want to skip the introduction and watch us perform, visit our video page.

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..all the music we love. Past and present.

Our repertoire ranges from the rhythmic music by Bartók, Frank Zappa and Dave Brubeck to works by Coltrane, Previn and Shostakovich. The line-up of Fuse (a string quartet with double bass and percussion) enables us to develop our personal melting pot of styles and genres, evolving with every step we take.

Along the way, we have the pleasure to collaborate with clever composers and arrangers such as Tom Trapp, JacobTV, Theo Loevendie, Thomas Beijer, Martin Fondse and Rob Horsting.

Recently, we’ve recorded some of our favorite songs at Fattoria-Musica in Osnabrück and Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum. This resulted in our debut album "Studio". Listen to the album here.

A journal about these recordings can be found here.

ConFuse_(C)Kasper Vogelzang_20150217_MG_2965.jpg
By: Wim Dik
Spring Spring Spring.jpg


The past two years were awesome. Fuse performed at a wide range of stages, such as The Rijksmuseum, Vredenburg, Paradiso and at the Amsterdam Canal Festival, The Concertgebouw Tracks series, Classical:Next, Buma Classical Convention and in clubs, churches, concert halls and living rooms all over the Netherlands.

Since 215, we are a regular guest on TV show ‘Podium Witteman’, performed multiple times on popular daily talkshow ’De Wereld Draait Door’, were featured on all public radio stations, composed the leader-music for TV show ’Opium’ and performed with Ieniemienie from Sesame Street.

In 2016 we’ve joined the stage with the renowned Concertgebouw Jazz Orchestra, bassoonist Bram van Sambeek and clarinettist Kinan Azmeh and performed at stages such as Festival Classique, Robeco SummerNights, Wonderfeel and Vondelpark Open-Air theatre. Fuse’ debut album is planned to be released in 2016.

ConFuse concert series: Since 2012, we organize our own concert series named ConFuse, a platform for talent and our creative playground. Recently, the 9th edition took place at the North Sea Jazz Club in Amsterdam. It’s a great way to gain stage experience, develop repertoire, experiment with our sound and meet amazing creatives and musicians along the way!

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House of Makers_(C)Kasper Vogelzang_20150217_MG_3030.jpg


Stages: Paradiso. Melkweg. Sugar Factory. Peoples Place. De Fabrique. DeLaMar Theater. Van Gogh Museum. Stedelijk Museum Concertgebouw Amsterdam. The Rijksmuseum.

North Sea Jazzclub. Felix Meritis. Vredenburg Utrecht

Festivals & series: Grachtenfestival. MuseumNacht. SAIL2015. Magneetfestival. Kaaspop. Uitgast Festival. Amsterdam Fringe Stukafest Amsterdam/Utrecht. Concertgebouw Tracks. Buma Classical Convention. Calefax PAN Festival. Leidse Hout festival Classical:Next 2015. Bevrijdingspop Haarlem.

Nieuwe Kerk Norton Wine concert series. Wonderfeel festival

Media: Radio 1. Radio 2. Radio 4. Radio 6 (multiple appearances). AmsterdamFM. AT5.

Omroep Max / Tijd voor Max. De Wereld Draait Door. Podium Witteman.

Composers / arrangers: Rob Horsting. Thomas Beijer. Tom Trapp. Marijn van Prooijen. Ferial Karamat Ali. Glenn Gaddum jr Gustavo Trujillo. Marc Mangin. Willem Jeths


More videos here

Footnote: Photos by: Loe Beerens, Mathieu van Ek, Kasper Vogelzang, Merlijn Doomernik, Xander Tempelaar. A special thanks to Leg-Inc (best leggings on the globe;)